Ke santse ke itutha

I’m coming up  on my year mark in Botswana.  Where did the time go? I’m still not fluent in setswana.  That was one of my goals when I applied for the peace corps, when I joined the peace corps and even on my most recent new years resolution. BUT I am resolving to continue learning setswana.  I just don’t try as hard as I should.  Last week, I went to a Peace Corps sponsored ‘language week’ in my friend Parisa’s village in Tsabong.  Tsabong is a two day journey from Nata, it is on the COMPLETE opposite end of the country, which is unfortunate because P is one of my best friends in the PC.  There four of us staying at Parisa’ house and one language teacher.  From 8-4 (theoretically) we would learn and use setswana with the help of our language teacher.

language crew sans Slo

I feel more motivated and more confident about my language skills after having attended that language week.  Plus, Tsabong has a camel famr! I rode a camel!

this camel is not as nice as he looks

camel farm crew

I’m glad to be back in Nata and I hope to stay put for awhile.  I have missed my village.  I had been gone for almost three weeks and it felt nice to walk done my path and say hello to every single person that walked me.  Sometimes greeting everyperson can be tiring but I actually love it.