The Search for Tea

Last night, I spent about three hours trying, vigoursly, to find more about tea.  Recently, I was inspired by a friend of mine who made some incredible tea.  All she did was throw some star of annis, cinnamon bark and orange zest into a pot and I was drinking  a very delicious cup of tea.  As I was drinking this cup of heaven I was reminded of my search for tea.

the delights

About a year and a half ago, when I was India, I was staying in this mountain town in the Himalayas where tibatan refugees resided near the abode of the exailed King of Tibet, The Dalai Lama.  There were tea shops a plenty.  You could take a book, find a cafe and melt into the background.  Essentially, it was a dream, a fantasy, an image that I have always wanted to be a part of.  One problem, I didn’t like tea.  I had this beautful pots of tea with hibiscus flower seeping into the water, tranforming it into a deep pink.  I wanted so much to like tea.  And this past year and a half, I have started to like it.  But I haven’t found the same experience since.  Everywhere I go there is only packet teas and loose leaf teas are rare.  So, last night,  I order myself a beginners kit and a book about herbal teas.  I am excited to get started and show the world my love for tea