Saying Goodbyes

My heart is truly full.  Tonight I said goodbye to some very wonderful people in my life.  I know it is not goodbye for forever, just goodbye for now, sort of like a ‘see you later’.  I know that this is the path that I need to be taking.  So many of the people I saw tonight are the people that have pushed me to make this decision.  I just feel so loved.  I think that these goodbyes warrant a bit of emotion.  Lives are going to change, my siblings will get married, have kids and move houses, all while I am gone.  And even though I love the people that came, I probably won’t see some of them ever again.  Some how, life moves on, even without me.  This will be harder than I thought.

Second botswana cake

But the party was awesome.  There was a second showing of a botswana cake.

And we had karaoke.  I hope there are karaoke bars in Botswana or at my training site.  If not, I have no idea what I am going to be doing to have a good time.  Read a book?  knit a scarf?  can anything be as fun as singing ‘where is the love’ while Peter trys to DJ by changing the key a billion times?  I don’t think so.

go mike and peter!

I am one lucky girl.  All of my siblings decided to come to town for my farewell party (also my mom’s birthday… sorry I stole the spotlight!).  I am going to miss them soo much, but I know they are going to visit me on the other side of hemisphere so it’s no big deal. nbd.



five days!

World Spins Madly On

My room is a mess.  I am trying to pack but I still have to use stuff, like everyday stuff.  I have to brush my teeth, I have to wear shoes.  Gah.

Set that aside and it is time to start saying the goodbyes.  I went on a walk today to celebrate the semi-nice weather (curse Utah springs for it’s manic depressive weather!).

Ziggy Pug

I realized I am going to miss this little guy.  So even though he may not get it, I have to start saying goodbye to him.  We love taking walks together and snuggling on the bed.  I love you, ziggy!

Today was my last day at the single’s ward I attend.  It was a wonderful day filled with ample amounts of the spirit and friends.  In the evening, I was given a botswana cake.  A botswana cake!  Most people didn’t know what it was and they said it was a road going through the ocean.

Peace for Botswana Cakes

Sure, that makes sense, but first it is a cake decorated to look like the flag of botswana.  It was delicious.  How did they know I love chocolate?  Oh, probably because I am a person!  Chocolate is the best thing ever. I hope they have chocolate in Botswana.  I love the cake; I appreciate this gesture more then these girls even know.  Sometimes, you think you are invisible, and then you’re not.

I have felt absolutely confident about this decision to join the peace corps for about eight months now.  I feel like I have had plenty of time to mentally and emotionally prepare for the incredible adventure.  It was just a couple of days ago that I started to feel this knot in my chest.  It is happening.  I can’t turn the clock back.  I have to say goodbye to normalcy for a while while my whole world gets shifted upside down and I learn a new rhythm, a new culture and a new language.  So I can say that I have been emotionally preparing, but I expect some turbulent days ahead.

It’s a sign


It just seems that there have been a lot of things that have happened to make this the right time for me to join the peace corps.  My job is seasonal, so I finish work on the 31st, I have no financial or emotional commitments.  I am free to do as I please.  To go to Botswana.

I needed to cancel my gym membership to Curves.  Have you ever been?  It’s fine as gyms go, but it is only really tolerable because my mom goes with me.  I had been putting off cancelling my membership because it was going to cost me like $85.  Yikes!  I tried cancelling it the week before, but the lazy staff member said he didn’t know how. So then I showed up on Wednesday and there was that happy little note on the door.  There were being evicted!  The owner had foolishly driven the curves out of business.  As a result, they would cancel everybody’s membership for no fee and they were closing the next day!

HALLELUJAH.  this means no fee and no going to the gym for another month!  I love it.  It is a sign.  And for those of you filmilar with the tithing, I think it is because I pay my tithing!

Holla back! I am going to Africa!

How Do You Pack for Two Years?

In 80lbs?

This is my life

I mean, I get it.  I wouldn’t really want to bring more than that.  I have scoured the internet and blogosphere looking at what is most pertinent to buy.  But it is a critical time, because now I want to save so I have enough money to visit Cape Town or Mozambique!

I love this picture.  This is after my three month stint in Nepal.  Three months!  I was only there for three months and look at what I carried around with me in.  In my defense, I accumulated that striped bag only at the end. But if this is what I look like for only three months, what about two years?

Luckily, I have a lot of items due to my travels in India and Nepal.  But now I find I am in need of items that I wouldn’t otherwise think about.  Like I need a short wave radio.  I don’t even know what that is, but I know that I need it.

And a hammock.

And a sleeping bag.

And perhaps a sewing kit… that would be nice, right?

Happy packing!