Going Back to Africa

I’m back in New York, where I started my America summer three months ago.  Three months ago I got on a plane and left Botswana.  My brother was married three months ago and here I am again, at the tail end, visiting him and his wife.  Its been an eventful summer with some sacred and special experiences.  I needed this time with my family after my two year sojourn in Botswana.  Here is an ode to some of my favorite experiences this summer:

  • Paul and Suvi wedding in the Manhattan LDS temple.
  • Regrouping with old friends (Chaela, Courtney, Ashley, Crys, Melodie, Louis, Amber…) including an inspiring and uplifting roommate reunion with all the girls from my freshmen year of college.
  • Taking care of my nephew while my sister-in-law gave birth to my newest nephew, then visiting them in the hospital.  What a tender experience to visit and hold a newborn baby and to feel the light and love that was present.  It helped me feel connected to this family, the ones I love so dearly.
  • Girls road trip with Mallory and my Mom to Orange County, California
  • Visiting Kali and Zach in their home in Oakland.
  • Going through the LDS temple to receive my own endowments
  • Spending time with my mom
  • burying my Botswana wardrobe and buying new clothes!

What a great summer!  And now I’m ready to go back to South Africa into an unknown future.  When I think about this next move of mine, I stop myself from being paralyzed with fear.  Sometimes it feels as if I am stepping into the dark, not knowing where my feet are going to land.  And this is where I have relied on faith.  Faith in a Heavenly Father who loves me and knows me and knows what I need.  Faith in the good feelings I have received as I have knelt down in prayer.  And the love of a good man who will do everything he can to protect me, help me, cherish me and love me.

There are times when we have to step into the darkness in faith, confident that God will place solid ground beneath our feet once we do. And so I accepted gladly, knowing that God would provide. -Pres. Dieter F Uchdorf

I needed this rejuvenating summer to feel close to my family.  I needed it to be inspired by the ones who have always helped me to understand the important things in life.  I needed it to take away the burdens from the past two years and see the goodness that it has left me with. And while I have missed the hands of the boy in SA so deeply, this experience has strengthened us.  Three months has tested us.  Yet, we find ourselves still ready for this next step.  The step where I move back to Africa.


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