The Great Salt Lake

I like Utah, a lot.  I think Utah’s diverse landscape is the best in the country at any time of the year.  Red rocks, rocky mountains, arches, lake powell.  There is just so much in this great land.  And during my summer here I have wanted to be able to experience the Utah Summer.  I can’t say that I have knocked much off the list but I did, for the first time in my life, venture to the Great Salt Lake.

I really like natural bodies of water, and especially ones that are warm. I wondered why had taken me so long to go there. Because the salt lake can be plenty warm.
But something that makes the great salt lake not so appealing is the environment. The salt lake has these crazy gnats that you have to run through before you get to the water. But the water itself feels good. The sand wavers from muddy to scratchy to rocky. But overall, I would go again, if somebody wanted to go with me again.

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