GLOW continues

A couple of weeks ago I helped organize and facilitate a Girls Leading Our World Workshop for girls during the easter break. It was held over three days and targeted at girls 15-18 years old. We had the best time together. I have not worked with a pretty group in my entire service. They were open, intelligent, courageous, thoughtful… all the things you want young girls to be. And they were so responsive to everything we taught them and they had this hunger to keep learning. We lead sessions on gender roles, violence against women, delaying sex, etc. We also wanted to have the girls do something that would mark what they learned at the workshop, so they wouldn’t easily forget it. First, an organization gave us the side of a wall to paint and we held a mural competition. This is their beautiful product:

And the second project we had them undertake was a march in the village. On the morning of the second day the girls took this banner and marched around their village, singing different songs we had taught them and some they brought themselves.  I’m also in love with this banner:

Who says we can't?

Girls in the this community are susceptible to different kinds of inequalities within their homes, schools and communities. The kind of atmosphere where inequalities abound is stifling for young girls and puts them in vulnerable positions, especially concerning education and health. And these girls felt like it was time for us to teach them that they could be just as good as boys, just as smart, just as clever and certainly we tired.

It makes me a bit emotional when i think about some of these girls that I have been working with for two years and the amazing transformations that have come upon them. I am confident that they will succeed, even though most come from very limiting circumstances. And I just have a small hope that I helped even just one girl realize her potential

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