Let Freedom Ring


A full post on my brother’s amazing wedding is sure to come.  It really was amazing.

After my family left, I stayed on in the city and visited a few good friends. NYC is probably the worst city to come to right after living in Botswana for two years.  People here walk super fast, even when they are just going on a picnic to central park.  And Times Square was so overwhelming.  It was really uncomfortable to be around that many people.


But for the most part, I am enjoying America.  Its pretty awesome.  And the food… Oh my.  I cannot believe how much good food there is here.  Gyros, cupcakes, ice box cakes, pizza, lamb burgers, bread, tacos… it’s really a bit obscene.

picnic in central park

Icebox cake from Magnolias and other amazing treats

And the variety of choice is really too much. I went into a pharmacy yesterday to get a bottle of water and there were three fridges full of water and there must have been at least fifteen different brands of water to choose from.  Really America?

Brooklyn Bridge with Ashley

And now I’m on my way to Washington, DC to visit another good friend. Peace out.

Also, I love not being a peace corps volunteer. freeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddooooooooooom.

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