Seven Weeks

My brother is engaged!  To this wonderful lady.  it is loveThey are so happy.  I am so happy!  They scheduled their wedding date for May 12th, a full month before I my original Close of Service (COS) date, June 9th. Fortunately, I have  a very generous country director and he is allowing me to end my service a full month early, so that I can attend the wedding.  So my new COS date is May 10th, which was the earliest I could leave.  I’m excited that when I land back on to the American continent, I will have my whole family there with me and love will be in the air.  I love weddings.  And I especially love family weddings.  It’s heart-warming to see my siblings make such significant steps in their lives with out trepidation but with a full heart and faith in the future.  Who knew when we were terrorizing each other over broken toys and hurt feelings (and occasionally broken bones… sam) that we would one day be old enough and responsible enough to create a life of our own, full of love and hope.  I know Paul and his bride-to-be have a bright future ahead of them and I am so happy to be have to opportunity to witness the beginning with their marriage in the Manhattan Temple in New York City on May 12th

I need to find a dress, but I never have any luck looking online.  When my sister was married (also while I was in Botswana), I bought a dress online and then when I met my family in New Hampshire I tried it on and I hated.  I ended up buying a dress at the jcrew outlet two hours before the wedding ceremony. Hectic stuff.  Any ideas where I can find modest dresses online?

Bots 9

This past week I was in the capital where Peace Corps was hosting us for our Close of Service conference.  It was mostly admin stuff, how to go back and stay sane kind of stuff.  They put us up in this really neat, fancy hotel in Phakalane.  And one night they took us on a game drive in Mokolodi.  On Tuesday, the held a fancy luncheon for us and our counterparts.  Ministers and other dignitaries came, including the former president of Botswana, Festus Mogae.  I had the honor of sitting at his table.  After he gave his keynote address, I was asked to give a short speech in setswana.  I did and I included a song I had a sung at our swearing in ceremony two years ago, Modimo O Refile.  God had given us this moment, even this very minute.  It was a fun moment in my service and very rewarding to be given that honor and I know all of the volunteers deserved the same opportunity. 

I have had some exceptional opportunities while being a Peace Corps Volunteer in Botswana, from meeting the First Lady Michelle Obama, to making the former president of an African country crack up in his seat, to raising funds for a camp, to learning a new language, to trusting complete strangers so so many times.  It has been such an adventure.  But it has also been very challenging.  I’m not sure if I’m ready to talk about my two years in Botswana. 

Seven weeks.  Seven more Sundays in the Francistown Branch.

6 thoughts on “Seven Weeks

  1. Sydney, It’s so great to read a little about your current life. I really hope to see you soon. It has been SO LONG and it is amazing to think of all the experience, growth and maturing we have both encountered during that time. I hope the wedding is wonderful!

  2. Oh my gosh! I am so freaking excited that you will be home 1 month sooner. Thank you Paul! I can’t wait to see you again.

  3. YAY! I am so glad you will be here for the wedding! You are so sweet. And i am so excited to meet you anew as a sister-in-law!

    My little sister loves the website because you can have them add sleeves and length for not too much more and it is relatively inexpensive. And, if you don’t find a dress, NYC isn’t a bad place to have to go shopping for one.

  4. You say “bones” as if they were your bones. And I had bones broken too… paul.

    It’s wierd, Sydney. We are all aging. It’s becoming clearer to me, as I see cycles of life repeating in my own kid(s), that I am not a kid anymore. Wrinkles? Joint pain? Children? Repayment of debts? Saving for retirement? It is all there, staring us in the face – adult responsibility.

    Thanks for your post. I know Botswana and all the stories you’ve accumulated during your time there mean a lot to you, and I’m looking forward to hearing them. I’m sorry in advance that my first question will be “was it wierd?” and my second will be, “now what?”

    Can’t wait to see you in NYC!

  5. Sydney does this mean we won’t be seeing you in South Africa in June?

    Congrats to your brother! You should look at Shabby Apple. They have cute modest dresses.

  6. Sydney!!! I can’t believe it! And you will be in NYC! You will probably be so busy, but is there ANY chance I can see you? At least just look at you? Haha. Totally fine if you will be loving your family time and can’t fit me in.

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