Of Cows and America

Today my coworker went to his cattle post, found a cow then promptly killed it and skinned it.  He brought the thing in the back of his truck and parked it right outside of this office and began selling the meat straight from the back of his truck.  And he wasn’t targeting the patients, he was targeting the nurses, doctors, orderly, drivers and cleaners.  So the workers dismissed their patients for about (not all but some) twenty minutes and went to buy some meat from the back of a truck.  Apparently it’s a much better deal then the local butcheries but its also illegal.  Anyway, since I’m not immune to these kind of village antics, I also bought some meat.  I think I saw this cow roaming in front of my yard yesterday.  And that was my grass. Full circle.

I recently watched Food Inc.  which freaked me out.  Is the food industry really like that?  Although some may be squeamish at the sight of a full skinned cow in the back of a truck with blood dripping onto the pavements, its actually pretty heartening when I think about the alternative.  Which isAmerica.  Where you can live your whole life and never see a cow but eat its meat daily.  I know I’m not going to go vegetarian, I really like being someone who will eat anything.  But it begs the question of big corporation, politics, environment, even immigration. And that is pretty heavy stuff, just for a piece of meat

And before I indulge you with my thoughts on the Americafood industry, this really is about the question of re-integrating back into America.  On one hand, I think some things will be so natural and easy to pick up again (I hope I can start saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you again, somehow those words slipped out of my vocabulary).  And some things I will give a sigh of relief (internet, no electricity outages, competent cashiers at the grocery store), but I think other things might throw me.  How can they not, after living in a foreign country for two years.  Like why wouldn’t we want a national health care plan? Why do Home Owner’s Associations exist?    And why can’t I renew my driver’s license online?  This isAmerica. 

I leave in five weeks and some days.  I find myself a lot freer then I used to be.  Maybe I lived for two years will be guard up and now as I am going, I more open, more giving.  Like yesterday I gave this kid 2 pula, even though I have a strict policy to not give away money, especially to kids, especially when they ask.  Which, I don’t know, is that the best policy?  I still don’t think its wise to give out money, but we must judge each circumstance.  Whatever.  I’m leaving!!!

One thought on “Of Cows and America

  1. People of this country don’t want a national healthcare plan because they are still convinced, even when faced with a mountain of evidence demonstrating otherwise, that the America has the “Best” healthcare. And they point at factors other than outcomes to substantiate that claim (i.e. That our hospitals are cleaner and fancier, that we have nicer equipment, that our doctors make more money), but none of those things actually contribute to better health. I’d rather have free perscriptions and regular preventative check-ups at a primary care physician in a smelly European Hospital than to have to drive by the shiny American Hospital and pray that I never get hurt because it would bankrupt my family.

    Good questions Syd. They are not unique to outsiders looking in.

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