Cats are the worst

So we all know Zaza, right?  She’s the cat I got last year in October.  She has had two litters of kittens in six months.  And five little ones each time.  That makes for a full house for about eight weeks with six cats running around.  So we are on the second batch and they have passed their nine week birthday and I am still left with three.  And they reached their terrible stage.  They just run around the house, getting into things, hiding, and in general being nuisance.  But they are also insanely cute.  I mean nothing really rivals baby goats or penguins, but kittens take a close third.  But still, cute terrible kittens.  And maybe it’s obvious, but I’m not really a cat person.  I do like Zaza when she is alone, not with child or feeding, when its just me and her we are ok.  We get a long well.  When she’s pregnant she doesn’t want to be pet and when she has babies she is just crying all day and tries to steal my yougurt.  But anyway, this doesn’t even touch on why cats are the worst.  brace yourself.

In the past month, I have found inside my house,a dead bast, a dead pigeon and a dead iguana.  Did you really read that?  A dead bat. a dead pigeon.  A dead iguana.  They are the worst.  I almost had a heart attack when i walked in and found the kiddies fighting over pigeons, feathers were everywhere and there was blood.  And I don’t even have words to describe my reaction when i saw the bat.  And aren’t iguans in endangered or something?

I’m looking forward to when it’s just me and zaza.  We can just hang out without any stress.  Without mopping six times a week (which is alot!).  But I do need to be a responsible adult and get her fixed because ten babies in six months is a little much and I am tired of the kitten drama

3 thoughts on “Cats are the worst

  1. I’m sure there is some sort of parallel that could be made with the work you are doing over there and your experience with Zaza and kitties. haha. Sorry about all the gross dead things though! EWW!

  2. I’m not sure what parallels I would draw, but I agree on the eww part. And that goats and penguins are cuter than kittens.

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