All on a Starry Night

Today I received some christmas cards in the mail from friends and family half way across the world.  (if you haven’t already, you can still send your card to PO Box 144 Nata, Botswana).  What an absolute pleasant suprise it was to recieve a written note from a friend so far away.  I haven’t received very many letters this past year.  Which is fine, I don’t need them as much as I used to.  But I had forgotten the warmth i feel when I open an envelope and remember that I am actually connected to a world that is much bigger than Nata.  It sends me into a nostalgic state where I remember all of the events that have happened in my life and the people that have walked with me.  I’m glad those people are still with me.

I just passed my six month mark.  This means I have less then six months left in Botswana.  This means I have been in Botswana for one year and eight months.  Its feels like a long time.  Or it feels like a short time.  Either way, the time has gone.  Sometimes I feel like I have been here for three years, and other times it seems like only six months.  So it’s confusing…

As it always happens, December is the slowest month in Botswana.  And with GLOW over, I find myself twiddling my thumbs more often than usual.  But I have determined to fill my days with Christmas hymns.  But I noticed just now that I haven’t put up my Christmas decorations from last year.  Good thing Christmas isn’t actually about the decorations.  or christmas trees. or carols. or even gifts for that matter. It is about Love.  It is about celebrating the greatest gift that has ever been given to us, the chance to live with our Heavenly Father through the gift of His son, Jesus Christ. Because He loves us. And this is truth.

So a tender Merry Christmas from Botswana.

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  1. Syd, thanks for the reminder of what Christmas is all about. I was pretty bummed yesterday because we don’t really have any extra money in the budget for Christmas which means no Christmas shopping and no Christmas tree. I really needed to read what you wrote. 🙂 And don’t worry, I picked my Christmas greeting cards yesterday, just gotta write a letter to go with the pictures. It will be in the mail shortly!

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