I’m on Fire

GLOW Camp is only a little less than two weeks away.  Things are coming together but it is now proving to be a little challenging.  Certain things take longer and it is exhausting to chase people around and the endless follow up and the plan a, b, c and d.  But it is going to be awesome.  Have I mentioned we got a hold of glow sticks?  This is going to be off the hook.  Those girls better feel empowered!

I used to think I wasn’t very diligent.  I just figured it wasn’t in my nature.  I don’t wash my dishes daily.  I have a hard time remembering to brush my teeth at night.  If you come to my house, its not filthy but it’s not very clean.  I only sweep when absolutely necessary and mop even less.  Perhaps this means I am not a hard worker, but if I’m working with a group of people, I will put in my time and then some.  But maintaining myself is difficult and I thought this meant I wasn’t very diligent

Then summer came…

Today I looked at what I was doing and realized that I have this really insane frozen water bottle system.  At any given time, I have two 1.5L and six 500ml bottles in my freezer.  They are on a strict rotation.  One bottle in the morning, one after lunch and then I keep the 1.5L half full so that I can pour water in it when I get home from work and skip the ice cubes.  And then at night I use the other 1.5L as an ice baby in addition to my fan.  And then I keep a couple of extra in case someone needs one. I am extra diligent about keeping this system going…

This system keeps me alive.  Who needs ac when you’ve got leagues of frozen water bottles?

This summer has been very hot (105- 110).  It has been a lot worse then last year.  We have praying for rain, as it seems to be late (again) this year.  When the rain comes, I will be sure to say a prayer of thanksgiving and perhaps dance.  It’s funny, because my setswana is very versatile when it comes to talking about the weather.  I can say ‘I’m hot’ in six different ways.  I’m hot, I’m burning, I’m on fire, I’m in the sun, I’m afraid of the sun, it’s hot.

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