What I Do All Day Part 3: Idea Filtering

A new senior secondary school opened in Nata this past March. I knew I wanted to work with the students but I wasn’t sure in what capacity. So I set up some meetings with the headmaster and eventually introduced myself to the students. I said who I was, what my specialties were and that I was eager to be involved. Then for the next month, I came to the school twice a week in the afternoons. I sat in the courtyard and waited for students to approach me with ideas on how I should be involved in the school. I got a lot of great ideas and some funny ones. We did come up with two clubs to form, a drama league and a PACT club.

This small activity is something I do on a day-to-day basis in the village. I’ve been here long enough, that people understand a little bit about what I do. So people will come and meet me at the clinic, or stop me in the village and tell me their ideas. Mostly, I’m wiling to help others, as long as I have some skill pertaining to that and is loosely related to my mandate. Sometimes it will be helping a young person fill out an application for a business grant or teach an individuals about project proposal, or editing a society’s constitution, etc, Sometimes the person never follows up and I try not to be disappointed… it happens.

In May, some students that from the school’s Anti-drug club, found an ad in the paper about some events in the capital city for the Month of Anti-Drug Abuse in June. They to came to me, with paper in hand and asked for help. So together, we contacted the organizing agency in Gaborone and said we had some interested students. The Department of Youth sponsored their accommodation and meals, BOSASNET gave presentations and the Police provided transportation for the 15 students. I loved working on this because it was like every partner was as equally as involved as the other- the teachers, the organization, the students, the police. I didn’t have to do all the work by myself

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