Meeting Michelle Obama

The credit for this picture goes to the US Embassy in Gaborone. Can you see me?

Michelle Obama and Fifty Happy PCVs

They had organized a meet’n’greet for the US Mission staff in Gaborone at the US Ambassadors house in Gabs (btw the Ambassador, Michelle Gavin, is a RPCV). We had to be there at least a hour before the First Lady arrived.  When she arrived, she gave us a few ‘thank yous’ and a shout out to the Peace Corps Volunteers.  She then went to the audience (which we weren’t a part of, because they had petitioned us to the other side of the yard) and shook everyone’s hand.  She then came over to us volunteers (there were 50 of us) and shook all of our hands and posed for this picture.  And then she was gone.

Mma Obama and PCVs

She was at the Ambassador’s house for maybe twenty minutes max.  But it was still a exceptional honor to meet her.  She is a remarkable, intelligent, and strong woman (her speech that she gave in Soweto is awe-some).  She didn’t have to shake all of our hands and address us with such kindness, but she did.  In terms of the US Mission Staff and personnel, PCVs are at the bottom of the food chain. And we have been made to feel that way, but not Mma Obama.  As a volunteer with the US government, it felt nice to be recognized and appreciated by an important American.  I like how my friend, Ross Szabo, put it in his huffington post article.


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