Girls Camp

Exciting things are happening in Nata. And the MOST exciting thing for me, is this upcoming project for girls. In this culture, it is expectant of young girls to have children before marriage, to not only prove their fertility but to fulfill their duty in society. In addition, girls often have little to no say in relationships. There is the ever-present reality that girls are entering into transactional relationships with no negotiating power. We believe that through building confidence and self-esteem, young girls will be better prepared to make healthy decisions based on heir individuals preferences and not necessarily of societal beliefs. So we are hosting a Girl’s Health and Empowerment Camp for Girls this coming November.  The camp will be focused on creating a safe space to learn about a myraid of health and social topics.  But to also help girls create and find voice.

ANYWAY, if your interested in helping us complete this project please donate.  Click here to find out more about the project and how to donate

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