Here Comes the Feeling

ZAZA (the cat) had babies.  I came home to five babies.  I’m sort of glad I missed the birthing part.  I hear cats eat their own placenta.

I think Zaza doesn’t know how to be a mother.  When i come home, she comes over to me with expectant eyes, as if to say ‘i don’t know really know how this happened and what to do about it.’  Just yesterday, she was carrying her baby somewhere and then saw that she had milk in the bowl and dropped the baby in the milk and proceeded to drink.  I think there is hope for her, though.  And if not… she’s just a cat.

One thought on “Here Comes the Feeling

  1. Keep an eye on Zaza, if she is a crappy mother the kittens could die pretty easily. You may want to get a small syringe and feed the kittens warm milk if it looks like she’s not feeding the kittens like she’s supposed to. We had a cat once that loved to have babies but stunk at taking care of them. We had to feed most of them ourselves. Dead kittens are a sad sight so just be prepared to intervene if necessary…

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