Referendum Time

Let’s take a break from Botswana.

It’s referendum time in (south) Sudan!  This is big event for Sudan and will have lasting consequence (hopefully peaceful).  This vote could (and most probably will) mean independence of South Sudan from Northern Sudan.  I stumbled (via Texas in Africa) upon a reading list for this week long vote that starts today.  Keep yourself updated.

Also.Here are articles that I liked and found informative, click here, here and here. (I don’t understand why it took moving to Africa to realize

Christian Aid/Mike Goldwater

Sudan has made great efforts to register as many voters as possible, even citizens displaced in neighboring countries have the opportunity to register with satellite offices.  Those that are illiterate use sign language to vote, clasped hands meaning unity with the North and open hands meaning independence.

So by next week we will know if South Sudan will Africa’s newest nation (either 54th or 55th- depending on your source).

Pray for peace

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