I was made for sunny days

I went to a few places around Botswana during the month of December.  You can see pictures of those adventures here.  Or go click the tab ‘photos’ and click on a thumbnail to view my picasa web album.

visiting friends in Mmadinare

December was long and boring but thank goodness for January.  Shout out to all my homies who sent me chocolate chips, dried fruits, letters and the new Sufjan Stevens Album- Cassi, Stephanie, Chelsea, Chaela and my Mom.  (Liz, I’m sure the package will come soon).

It is officially the rainy season in Botswana.  PULA!  For Nata that means sporadic showers during the day and with a downpour during sunset.  But it is still sunny.  So I can literally be walking down the street with my umbrella to shield myself from the oppressive sun and then the minute the sun goes behind the clouds I’m using the umbrella to protect from the rain.  Umbrella’s are awesome.

The Mighty Nata River

And practically overnight the Nata river started flowing.


I started doubting this would ever happen because I have been here nearly eight months and have only seen it dry.  But atlas, it is flowing.  I wonder if I will get some kind of disease if I go swimming in it?

under the bridge

I haven’t been swimming for a long time.  And I need to get to the water.  So, next week some friends and I are going down to the eastern cape of South Africa and going swimming in the Indian Ocean!  And we are going to pass through Durban for the purpose of eating incredible Indian food.

When I return to Nata, I am holding (with the help of other great people) a saturday workshop for my PACT students focusing on facilitation skills, in hopes that they will be able to teach their peers and possibly others in the community about HIV prevention, care and positive living.

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