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I know I’m about three years behind, but I totally dig Discovery.  Ra Ra Riot ‘The Thumb Line’ was my go to album when I used to snowboard (sometimes I miss the snow).  Wes Miles (along with Rosta Batmanglij from Vampire Weekend) putting a funky, techno, R&B twist to songs from the Ra Ra Riot album is something I can totally get into.

I have never been interested in dancing.  Sometimes my roommates would drag me to country dancing at the community center or salsa dancing at Salsa La Chocolate (remember that Elissa?).  But instead of dancing, I would spend my time critiquing and judging every person.  Maybe I was a bit self conscious.  I didn’t enjoy couples dancing, YSA dances, line dancing, hip hop dancing.  It was not my thing.  Things have changed for me since being in Botswana.  It helps that it doesn’t take much to dance in Botswana, sway your hips slightly, subtly move your hands about your face, throw in a smile and gurl, your in.  So I like that dancing doesn’t take a lot of talent (or so I think).  i also like that the old men and women will get up to dance if you put just the right song on at a wedding.  How can you feel self conscious when even your grandmother is dancing?   And for me, people pay attention and comment on every little thing I do (only a little bit of exaggeration), so if i start feeling self conscious about dancing, I’m going to have feel self conscious about walking, eating, my clothes, my hair, etc.  But i’ve found I really enjoy dancing and sometimes I even crave it.  I’m integrating!

Zaza twenty-ten

Speaking of dancing… we just had this Batswana celebrity, Vee, come to Nata for a little concert promoting the new Botswana Tourism brand.  Botswana is so small that even the best known singer doesn’t have a website.  (FunFact:  I named my cat after a song by Vee- Zaza 2010).  So Vee came to Nata and he danced.  Boy, did he dance (I might have joined at one point… on stage!). But he had these dancer friends, one of them was named Coming Soon.  And he was a crazy, creepy dancer.  But people LOVED it.  And after I got over all the hip thrusts, I started liking it too. (he is the one in the middle)

look at his face!

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  1. HAHAHAHA! Coming Soon! I love that. I wish I could see you dance. Sounds fun when you put it like that. I hope the food in Durban was worth it.

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