Best of 2010

Here’s my list of the best things of twenty-ten!

Best Books I read

  • The Poisonwood Bible Barbara Kingslover
  • Nectar in a Sieve Kamala Markandaya
  • Daniel Deronda George Elliott

Most Significant Events

  • becoming an aunt
  • Joining the Peace Corps and moving to Botswana
  • Kali’s wedding in New Hampshire
  • presenting in a research conference in Chicago

Best Moments

  • walking into church in Molepolole for the first time in Botswana
  • When my sister-in-law announced her pregnancy the weekend before I left, on my Mother’s birthday.  we were all there, gathered around the table.  And then my mom opened her present of a baby’s book and she found out she would finally get her grandchild and things changed and then we sang karaoke until wee hours of the morning.
  • singing a setswana spiritual during my swearing in ceremony and it later being aired on TV. modimo o refile
  • my first night in my house in Nata.  It wasn’t the best night, but it marked the beginning of a journey.

Best Songs (may not have been released in 2010 but that is when I discovered them)

  • Let Your Love Grow TallI Passion Pit
  • Home Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
  • Middle Cyclone Neko Case
  • Will You Return? Avett Brothers
  • Take Me As I Am Au Revoir Simone

Obsessions of 2010

  • Baking (pizza, bread, cookies, cakes)
  • Writing Letters (missouri, utah, cape town, italy…)
  • researching future trips in Africa (Drakensberg, Zululand, Sudan, botswana to cairo)
  • GLEE
  • Loose leaf herbal tea.  My favorite is the 5th Chakra Blend from Mountain Rose Herb, but you cannot go wrong with a cup of pure chamomile.

Countries Visited

  • United States of America
  • Botswana
  • Zimbabwe
  • Zambia (sort of)

I almost finished a quilt in 2010, but then i didn’t.  Maybe 2012.

I’m glad I have a journal that acts as a sort of record of my doings, otherwise I would have completely forgotten that I had a reality that wasn’t botswana.  It’s funny how short sighted our perspectives become.

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