Techno Thanksgiving

I video skyped with my family in Portland over thanksgiving.  At the very same time my sister and her husband were skyping in from Sacramento where they were spending thanksgiving, so they turned the computers towards each other so we could talk.  We literally had the whole family there, while being in three different places… this is the future, thank you technology.

My sister in California

And then, of course, my brother pulled out the guitar and started singing Weezer- a Lambson must as any family gathering.  So I sang along.  Even though everybody in the cafe was starting at me, I sang as if I was present.

True Lambson Fasion

And I chatted with my nephew and in response he smiled.

Yes Lewis!

More family

M for Mallory

pug and fam

Sam and dad

too many pugs

One thought on “Techno Thanksgiving

  1. We loved visiting you on Thanksgiving day Sydney! So sorry that you couldn’t be with us. We sure do love you!

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