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Just a week and a half after I arrived back in my village, I headed back down to the capital training for a three week training from the Peace Corps.  So i got back on a bus and traveled down to gabs, which takes me about nine hours.  I (along with the other PCVs in my group) have been staying in a hotel on the outskirts of the city.  It has been nice being able to take regular shower and see my friends that were dispersed around the country.  The purpose of this training was to give us more knowledge of the roles we are supposed to be fulfilling in our villages or offices and to learn more setswana.  I am proud to say that my sestwana has improved and at the tail end of this training, I now am at Advanced Low.

They call it Phase Three of training and this ends our training.  During our first two months, we were supposed to start any projects, but to act as a learner and a observer.  Which was fine with me.  I do believe that even two months isn’t enough time to know your community and know what is good for it.  Fortunately, any project I start or work on will be alongside a community counterpart that knows more about the community.  Everybody says it takes a year.  It takes a year to become comfortable. to finally know how to be a part of the community and for people to trust you.  Just nine more months…

The sessions were presentations from the local government officials on orphan care, male circumcision, and ARV treatment- all of which are important topics when addressing HIV.  At times were would have representatives from NGOs and even sometimes other PCVs that had been here longer then us.  Most sessions were very useful.  Now, I feel re motivated to start projects and become more involved with community initiatives.  I have a nice long list, but I think I will only share them as I go. I’m excited to go back to Nata.

Also, I partied a bit.  And by that I mean i went to karaoke night at George’s Pub three times during my stay here.  Every time was epic.  I think i have a thing for going to karaoke bars when I am in foreign places, because I never went to one while I lived in utah, even though I tried a couple of times.  But I rocked “living on a prayer” and made the house rock with “always be my baby” with gal pal Slo.

with host sister and new baby boy

One sunday, I went back to Molepolole to visit the LDS branch, some branch friends (Sis K) and my host family.  My host sister had had her baby about a month after I left.  I got to see and hold him when I went to visit them. It was short, but I was glad that people still remember who I was.  And I feel older, even though it’s only been three months… i feel years older.

with sis K and fam. My african mother

3 thoughts on “In Service Training

  1. I lOve you Sydney!!! I think you are having the most interesting adventures..Please keep writing in the blog, it’s good stuff.

  2. Miss Sydney,
    I just stumbled on your facebook page, and am soo happy to know what your are about. I am so proud of you for being so brave and having such a great heart to serve the people in Nata. It is an honor to share birthdays with such a good person. I think of you when my memory is jogged, birthday, Highland High, the Shamrock where you had the car wash and at the church, I remember talks, things you have done and said. Let me know if I can send you anything, I will be following your website now that I have found it, you are so much fun!
    Love ya, Rich

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