Frankfurt Layover

It’s almost been a month since my whirlwind trip to the US.  It sort of felt like a dream. Because when I was there it felt like i had never left.  For example, I thought I had learned to let go my time anxieties since being in Botswana but then with the hectic wedding schedule I went back into my old ways of looking at my watch, obsessive reminders to people that we are in a hurry and a constant anxiety when we were running late.  But I now see that I get it from my Dad.  There only thing that kept reminding me that I had left was the wedding guests that kept asking me about Botswana and then I remembered , ‘oh yeah, i live in Africa.’  It wasn’t hard to return because at the end all my family was going to the seperate destinations and it was just like, ‘ok, here I go… back to my village.’

On my way home, I had a nine hour layover in Frankfurt.  After perusing the lonely planet germany book in the boston airport, I decided that it would be easy enough to just travel into Frankfurt for a couple of those hours.  And i did.  As far as European cities go, Frankfurt’s ok.   But i walked around, figured out the how to buy a train ticket, took a nap by the river, ate a very delicious pastry and bought some german chocolate with my leftover euros.  Definitely the preferred method of spending a layover that falls between 11 AM and 7 PM.

On a bridge! in germany!

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  1. You went to the city where I was born! I’ve been wanting to return. The only thing I remember is the pools… they’re like mazes, they have walls thoughout them. Yay for world travels, I’m jealous!

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