Kali’s Wedding

My sister got married in New Hampshire this past saturday and I was so fortunate enough to go.  For the longest time we didn’t think I would be able to go, because of the Peace Corps lock down rules but it turns out my country director is pretty cool and she agreed with me when i told her it was important for me to attend. It took me about 8 hours to make it down to Gabs the night before my flight and then the flight transit was 32 hours, but worth it.   Totally worth it.

The festivities started on friday morning with the bridal brunch in New Hampshire

Sisters, Mom and Bride

Then on to the rehearsal at the church and then wedding.  Kali asked Mallory and I to sing during her wedding, and due to the fact that I was in Africa we had not had much opportunity to practice.  We sang “simple gifts”, but we didn’t have any proper music so we just sang it based on my memory of the song, but it was good.  The rehearsal dinner was incredible… lobster and the best pie I have EVER eaten.  And the setting for the dinner was even more stunning


the view from the table

sister and future brother-in-law


The next day was the wedding.  I had order a dress online in Botswana, but I hated it when I tried it on in New Hampshire.  So we had to do an emergency trip to the outlet malls, but I found something in five minutes.  The stars were aligned .  Also, I think it is easier to shop for something when you have half an hour rather than a month.  Just a theory.  The wedding was short and sweat but kali looked amazing and her wedding party looked amazing.  They were married at a little white church on a lake in the white mountains of New Hampshire.  Neither are from New Hampshire but Zach’s (the brother-in-law) family had a summer home there.  And that is where the reception was.  We had good food, great company and we danced and danced and danced.  Kali’s opening dance number was ‘purple rain’ and you know what kind of wedding it’s going to be when they start with ‘purple rain.’ Note: she made the dress and her hat is incredibleenter bride and groom

the mothers and bride

lambson siblings

new family

did you notice Liz is preggers?  She is due in november.  I am going to be an Aunt.  Me.

flower toss

the next day we had brunch with the newlyweds and went to the lake for a good swim.  My mother, Liz, Mallory, Paul and I headed to boston (sam and dad had left earlier) and Zach and kail went on their honeymoon.  I spent the last two days in Boston running around getting some more clothes and some things that I realized I needed in Botswana… like black pepper.  And then on my last day i went kayaking with my mom on the Charles River, which I loved!

she's so sporty

also, I had dinner with my good friend Jen at an amazing Thai restaurant.  Now I leave, back to botswana.  It’s kind of weird.  i’m excited to go back, I got things to do, community members to influence and capacities to build.  I do miss washers and dryers and hot showers and air conditioners and fast, consistent internet and vegetables.  and my family.  But it’s worth it.  I don’t need any of those thing and glad to go without for a while… so that I can appreciate it.

Ciao America, again.

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  1. I am so glad that you got to come to the wedding Sydney. We love you so much and it would not have been the same without you. You make everything funner! Have a good time in Africa! We want to hear about all your adventures.

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