My Home

A picture of my living room/kitchen

So I thought i would entice my audience with some pictures of my house in Nata.  It’s nice, too  nice, nicer then most.

kelvinator and tale

sometimes I entertain my friends by making cookies.  I have made cookies maybe ten times since being in Nata

Bathroom with tub and flushing toilet

Here is a picture of my bedroom but I also have an extra bedroom in case you want to come and visit

the bedroom

And finally, my yard.  One day I will build a garden or something

sand and trees

I am leaving in Nata is just a week to fly to Boston.  My sister is getting married in New Hampshire on August 7th.  I am so excited to see my family and feel some normalcy.  But it is strange to be leaving this early, knowing that I have 20 months left. Also, I will only be in the states for a total of 5 days, due to my travel restrictions from the peace corps.  Still excited.

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  1. Syd
    It may not help you at this late date, but you can go “in the hole” with vacation time, i.e. use time that you haven’t technically earned yet. It is perfectly permissible and done all the time

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