Food and Shadowing

Last week, or two weeks ago, we left trainging to go and shadow a volunteer.  They sent us out to various parts of the country to see what it is like to be in the field.  Another trainee and I were sent to shadow another volunteer about 120k west of Francistown.  She lives in a small, rural village with about 1500 people.  We stayed at her adorable house for a couple of days while she showed us her Peace Corps life.  Her house does not yet have electricity but it is wired for such, just waiting for the poles to be raised up. she checks in with hersocial work office then walks around the village talking to people and making plans.  It was very much what I expected from the Peace Corps with not much to do, but making little victories.  She helps run a support groups on those affected with HIV.  They just recieved abig grant from  AED to do peer education program.  In addition to the support group, she is heading up a library project, forming a lib within the community.  The whole trip helped me conceptualize where my next 2 years is going is be like.  I hope this means my expectations aren’t too high.

When we got back from shadowing we had our interviews with the peace corps associate director over our program.  It is just an interview to try and understand what kind of volunteer i am, and maybe what kind of skills I brought to Botswana.And then she tries to decide where she will place me for the next two years.  SO no pressure.  I want to appear flexible but there were things I did want, like to be in a small community and to know the language.  Two possibilities… maybe, maybe not.  This saturday I find out site placement and I can’t really think of anything else.  Expect for the fact that we had our first ET today.  Someone left home for america.  That is a hard decision to make. It is hard to see people go, but Botswana isn’t for everyone.

Last night, I made dinner for my family.  It had taken a lot of planning to pull this small challenge off.  I ended up making grilled cheese and veggie curry and rice.  you may say those things don’t match but who are you to say such things, and my batswana family doesn’t even know the difference.  I was dissappointed by the reception because they didn’t like it, ev though it was fantastic.  My 2 yr old sister decided to like all sides of the grilled cheese and then throw it aside.  I wanted to tell her that every 2 yr old in America loves grilled cheese.  But she would be much rather suck on her chicken feet, which I had the pleasure of trying and I prefer grilled chee.  different strokes.

2 thoughts on “Food and Shadowing

  1. Glad to hear things are going well. I doubt your expectations are too high, just make it what you want it to be! Take care!

  2. So happy about your experiences in Bots. Good news about the placement! You will be in bush, right where you want to be. I love you and your irrepressable spirit. You make the world a better place just by being in it.

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