Saying Goodbyes

My heart is truly full.  Tonight I said goodbye to some very wonderful people in my life.  I know it is not goodbye for forever, just goodbye for now, sort of like a ‘see you later’.  I know that this is the path that I need to be taking.  So many of the people I saw tonight are the people that have pushed me to make this decision.  I just feel so loved.  I think that these goodbyes warrant a bit of emotion.  Lives are going to change, my siblings will get married, have kids and move houses, all while I am gone.  And even though I love the people that came, I probably won’t see some of them ever again.  Some how, life moves on, even without me.  This will be harder than I thought.

Second botswana cake

But the party was awesome.  There was a second showing of a botswana cake.

And we had karaoke.  I hope there are karaoke bars in Botswana or at my training site.  If not, I have no idea what I am going to be doing to have a good time.  Read a book?  knit a scarf?  can anything be as fun as singing ‘where is the love’ while Peter trys to DJ by changing the key a billion times?  I don’t think so.

go mike and peter!

I am one lucky girl.  All of my siblings decided to come to town for my farewell party (also my mom’s birthday… sorry I stole the spotlight!).  I am going to miss them soo much, but I know they are going to visit me on the other side of hemisphere so it’s no big deal. nbd.



five days!

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  1. Hi, I randomly surf the Peace Corps journal site because I am dyinnnggg to apply for the peace corps. I came across your journal and am so excited for you and your adventure! I see you leave this week and that’s so amazing, enjoy and god bless.

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