Here I Go

And it begins.  I am off.  Please please please, follow me to Botswana!  Send me lots of love through the interweb!  I think I will be needing it.

I have been running around, non stop, waiting for it to hit.  I leave tomorrow, so I guess there is no time like the present.

I love everything about my time spent in Utah and this past year living in my parent’s basement.  It was difficult, but so worth it.  I will miss my mother so dearly.  She is my best friend.

I gots to go.  I hear the call.  I think I listened to Paul Simon’s Graceland album a one too many times.

Next stop.  Botswana!

4 thoughts on “Here I Go

  1. Hi Sydney, I check your blog all the time to see if you’re there. I know that we’ll hear about all the stuff when you get some time. We love you so much and miss you tons! Take good care of yourself!

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