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has it really only been two weeks? so much has happened. I sit her wondering where my life has went? About a week ago (or something, i lost track of a few days) I met 56 of my fellow peace corps trainees in Philadelphia. I knew that these were my people but was a bit nervous. From the instant I arrived, til now I have been having an incredible time getting to know these friends. they are great… all of them.
In Philadelphia, they locked us in a room where they stuffed us with information about the Peace Corps, including what we could and could not write on our blogs. Sorry readers, no bashing america on this url. The next day we left Philly at 2am on sunday morning and arrived in gaborone at 4:30 pm on monday afternoon. Amid the bags and customs, the peace corps staff sweep us off to a lodge on the out skirts of the city. What a beautiful ride from the airport to the lodge. i am in Africa.
Right now Botswana has perfect weather. Ther four days at the lodge were full of cultural briefings, Peace Corps policy and survival setswana. We stayed at a really nice resort and it didn’t really feel like i had left, except the weather was much better.
but you all know how i feel about utah weather
The first day of community entry was when they let us out of the lodge and matched us with the local family in the village where we will be training for the next two months. It was this ceremony where trainees sat on the right and families on the left. After some assorted speecheds they called each of our names and we embraced our host family in the middle of the ceremony. It was fun. It felt like the frist day of school. Was i wearing the right clothers? Are they going to like me?
During the ceremony, between speakers someone would start singing a song and the place would burst with harmony and melody. My heart could of burst ed. This is where i need to be.
I can’t help but compared everything to my experiences in Nepal and India. But this culture differs completely and I am trying to adjust accordingly.
I feel like i understand my role a lot better but still can’t describe it. This is going to be hard, which I knew, but know I understand.

Please forgive all of the errors. Go Siame!

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  1. Thanks for the update Sydney! It is so great to hear your voice (you have a very distinct voice in your blog). Botswana sounds amazing and I can’t wait to hear more about the people and the culture and the food (or lack there of) and the living conditions. All of it is so exciting. You are cut out for this kind of stuff. We know you will do well. Keep keeping us posted. We love to hear from you.

  2. Sydney!!!! I’m so excited for you! So happy that you were finally able to blog about it, too. So glad things are starting off well!

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