Are you a girl or are you a lady

The other day my host mother (heretofore known as mother… no mom, you haven’t been replaced, it’s just easier) wandered into my room and told me to sweep.  She then insisted that I shake out my bedspread.  My sheets are too small for my bed, so when she lifted the spread she noticed my sheets in positve disarray.  She asked me “are you a girl or are you a lady.  You make your bed like a girl.”  It’s  funny living in this new environment because my dependcy on myself is almost stripped completely.  I no longer can rely on my own skills to sweep my bedroom.  Sure I know how to sweep, but i don’t know how to sweep carpet with a bunch of ratan sticks.  And even though i have had bucket bathing in India and Nepal, it is a new set of rules here.  My house has a tap just outside, so no running water inside the house, which also mean a pit latriene in the backyeard.  It’s no big deal, i just had to fight off some spiders yesterday.   But I feel lucky to have electricity.  But so much learning about basic skills that i feel like a little kid again. 

Training has been time and effort intensive. We have training from 8 AM to 5 PM daily. The group in my neighborhood has taken to walking to and from school daily, which is about a 8 mile round trip and takes and hour and fifteen each way.  The only problem is that it has been raining alot, which sounds like it is pretty inconsistent for Botswana.  I think it’s called Climate Change.  I am wishing I brought an umbrella, but I thought I was in the desert. 

Thanks for all the prayers and emails.  I appreciate it  and if you haven’t done so please write me.  Send me snail mail! Don’t you want to have a pen pal in botswana? 

SO much love!

3 thoughts on “Are you a girl or are you a lady

  1. That’s alot of walking in a day! I’m thinking you sleep really well at night. Have you seen any wild animals yet? We miss you here. But we are all so proud of you. I’ll be thinking about you when I sweep with my nice brisseled broom. Luv ya!

  2. Sydney, you rock! It is so great hearing about all the cool things you’re doing and will be doing. I will dutifully put you on my “write” list. In the meantime, keep it real.

  3. Haha, I remember Matthew and Jeeva being so quick to tell us we were doing things wrong. No beating around the bush, right? This is so exciting! I’m glad that you write about differences between your past experience and this experience, because it helps me understand more. And I am living vicariously through you. =)

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