World Spins Madly On

My room is a mess.  I am trying to pack but I still have to use stuff, like everyday stuff.  I have to brush my teeth, I have to wear shoes.  Gah.

Set that aside and it is time to start saying the goodbyes.  I went on a walk today to celebrate the semi-nice weather (curse Utah springs for it’s manic depressive weather!).

Ziggy Pug

I realized I am going to miss this little guy.  So even though he may not get it, I have to start saying goodbye to him.  We love taking walks together and snuggling on the bed.  I love you, ziggy!

Today was my last day at the single’s ward I attend.  It was a wonderful day filled with ample amounts of the spirit and friends.  In the evening, I was given a botswana cake.  A botswana cake!  Most people didn’t know what it was and they said it was a road going through the ocean.

Peace for Botswana Cakes

Sure, that makes sense, but first it is a cake decorated to look like the flag of botswana.  It was delicious.  How did they know I love chocolate?  Oh, probably because I am a person!  Chocolate is the best thing ever. I hope they have chocolate in Botswana.  I love the cake; I appreciate this gesture more then these girls even know.  Sometimes, you think you are invisible, and then you’re not.

I have felt absolutely confident about this decision to join the peace corps for about eight months now.  I feel like I have had plenty of time to mentally and emotionally prepare for the incredible adventure.  It was just a couple of days ago that I started to feel this knot in my chest.  It is happening.  I can’t turn the clock back.  I have to say goodbye to normalcy for a while while my whole world gets shifted upside down and I learn a new rhythm, a new culture and a new language.  So I can say that I have been emotionally preparing, but I expect some turbulent days ahead.

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