Invite in the Mail… WHAT!?

It happened.  I got a call from DC during work and I decided that this was more important.  I chatted with the placement officer about being Mormon and the struggle that that might be and about my decision to abstain from alchohol.  And then … all of the sudden he said, “great, well we mentioned about leaving in April and we are sending an invite in the mail for an HIV program leaving April 7th.”  I freaking flipped out.  That is sooo soon, so soon.  I mean, I am prepared to leave, my job ends on March 31st, but I was going to visit my siblings, my friend’s new baby and finish my quilt.  But I am not going to complain.

I know I am jumping the gun a bit, but according to some blogs and the peace corps wiki that would mean Botswana!  So that is what i am claiming.  I could try to illustrate the joy and ectasy of nine months of suspense, but I can’t.  My words get twisted and I can seem to concentrate. 

So here is to less than six weeks.

4 thoughts on “Invite in the Mail… WHAT!?

  1. TWO ashleys?!

    You have a lot of friends.

    Isn’t Botswana in that one Beach Boys song about Aruba and Jamaica?

  2. Hey! I’m in the same program as you, and I just got my invite this week too!! I hope you’re not as stressed as I am about wrapping up our lives in 5 weeks lol. I’d love to get in contact with you before staging…hit me up: sashao310 at

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