Finally, a word

I got a call from the Placement Office!  Finally! Crazy, last night I had resigned myself to not hearing anything for another month.  I thought “I will know by April, for sure.”  The officer was asking me about my application and interview.  In my application I specified that I would only go to Africa or Asia.  And when my recruiter interviewed me I said this was because I had invested interest because of my field of study and my undergraduate research and internship.  When my placement officer saw this in my application it was a red flag.  He says, in his mind if there are things that an applicant is unwilling to do, like go to other regions, then it may mean that they are unwilling to do some other things in the field.  He has a lot of applicants, about three times the amount he needs, and something like this could throw me out of the pool.  I was shocked.  After stuttering and saying um a bunch of times, I finally explained to him that this was a career move, that I want to spend the rest of my career in Asia or Africa and the peace corps could push me forward.  And he understood but he wanted to see that I was willing and I consented.

Then he asked some resume specific questions, blah blah blah.  He said that the program I have been nominated for has a bunch of applicants and it is a relatively small program and then he asked if I would be willing to leave in early April, and I was like ‘heck yes.’ He said he would call me again in the next couple of days.

I feel like I have been waiting for this call for nine months, ever since I got my nomination.  It feels so good to finally have the ball rolling!

4 thoughts on “Finally, a word

  1. How exciting!! That is crazy about your desire to go there being a red flag. What was your original nomination? Good luck hearing back soon! 🙂

  2. I had a similar conversation with my recruiter because I expressed a firm interest in serving in Eastern Europe or Central Asia – because I have two area-study-type degrees (a BA & MA), speak Russian, and have spent a considerable amount of time working with people from the region(s) and have even spent time living in Russia. I argued that my expressed interest was logical, since my experience(s) and career interest(s) mesh with a Peace Corps experience in one of those two regions and that my background was extensive and would make me a better volunteer…

    And her response was “if you can’t be flexible then we can’t use you” and that it was a “red flag” – so, thoroughly terrified that I was about to wreck my chances, (because I’ve wanted to serve in the Peace Corps for as long as I can remember) I capitulated… and then she nominated me to serve in Eastern Europe. Talk about an emotional roller coaster. Bah!

    Anyway – long story short I suppose I meant to say “I can relate!” and best of luck with your possible April departure 🙂

  3. I was the same way.. I said that I was pretty set on Africa and got the whole “Red Flag” Speech. Knowing that Africa is the biggest program area for PC and that I had previous experience their as well as skills needed, I called their bluff and stood firm. Needless to say, I was nervous that I wouldn’t get that because of my firmness.. sure enough I am now in South Africa.

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