My Timeline

So I applied for the Peace Corps. As an applicant myself, I was eager to know about other applicant’s process and their waiting period.¬† As you can see by the timeline, there was a lot of waiting…

March 08, 2009- submit application

April 15ish- interview with Recruiter

May 26- Informed me that he was not able to nominate me for a program, will try again in a few months

June 5- Positions opened up and Recruiter nominated me for a Comumunity Development program leaving May 2010 in Sub saharan Africa.   Encouraged to gain HIV/AIDS awareness experience

October-ish- dentally cleared after resubmitting tests and what not

December 1st- medically cleared after more extensive medically paperwork on some medical issues and moved on to placement.

Here I am, it is the end of January and I have been waiting for a word, a blink, a prod from the placement office but… alas.

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